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Humira not working

My son was diagnosed with Crohns 2017 at the age of 13. Took over a year to diagnose, not gaining weight and persistent belly aches.
First treatment enteral nutrition, feeding tube for 5 weeks, liquid diet to rest the intestines. Worked wonderfully. After that started Humira,
Worked for almost 2 years, but unfortunately started having side effects, foot rashes and swelling and now psoriasis. Plus not helping the belly. Recent colonoscopy not good. Doctor prescribing Stelara now. Difficult, stressful times.

my little penguin

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We have a parents group here which is very supportive
Ds was dx at age 7
He was in humira from age 9-14
Then it stopped working and was switched to Stelara in August 2017

he takea Stelera every 4 weeks
Stelara took8 months to start working so make sure to have a bridge therapy

he is also on mtx for arthritis
He is almost 17
Good luck
🤗Thank you for reaching out, so good to hear from someone that can relate. I’m glad you mentioned bridge therapy, I have been doing some research and not sure at this point. Have reached out to GI doctor. There’s no way we can go without treatment for that long. Take care