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Humira/Passion Flower??

Hey. So im on Humira, and im looking for an OTC anti-depressant. I cant take St.John's Wort bc the contradicts Humira. But i have found no such information on Passion Flower (which i can buy at the health food shop).

As long as it doesnt interfere with my Humira or exacerbate my Crohn's, its fine by me.

Thanks folks.


I am not sure about passion flower (I haven't found any research on it either), but my psychiatrist has done a lot of research on the gut and depression... so natural things that we get from food, we can't absorb them, what happens to our brain... type of thing....

I take a prescribed antidepressant, but he also recommended l-glutamine. (I am also on Humira, and he reassures me this does not contradict the Humira). This is a supplement that body builders use to build muscle, but it has also been found to help heal damaged tissue AND help improve moods (ie depression) in people who have IBD as they are unable to absorb the amount they need naturally out of the food they eat. My hubby actually called it my "happy powder" as he noticed a huge difference if I don't take it...lol.

Hopefully someone else can answer your question about passion flower, but I thought I would add an FYI in there as well.