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Humira Pen vs. Syringe

Well I just had step 1 of starting Humira complete, which is the TB test, and it is negative. I'm planning on dropping off the prescription this weekend, but was hoping for some "opinions" or advice over whether I should ask for the pen or the syringe. I'm leaning more towards the pen, but would appreciate any advice or opinions.

I'm a little nervous about starting Humira because of the amount of pain I may feel when doing the injection, but am trying to look on the positive side which is that if it works, then it's worth it.
PEN PEN PEN! Its quick and over with in 10 seconds with the pen. Also, once you press the button on the pen, you can't go back... with a syringe you ca hesitate all throughout the injection. I found the easiest way to administer the pen was to just psych myself out and "catch myself off guard" with it. Its hard to do... kinda have to make yourself into two separate people, carrying on a convo in your head... weird, I know.

You are less likely to mess up the injection with the pen, as well

Hope this helps and good luck! It hurts, but its tolerable. I'm not going to lie and say its painfree... it does HURT... but it is okay in the end.
I use the syringe (but only because my hubby is an RN and does the injections for me). The first month I used the pens and did it myself. I found them very easy to use. Katiesue is right - it does hurt. The serum burns, but it's only for 10-15 seconds. Good luck - I sure hope it works for you!!