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Humira, round 2

Hey guys!

Have any of you been on Humira in the past, been taken off of it, and a couple years later been put back on it?

About 7ish years ago I took Humira and it worked absolute wonders for me. I never achieved remission, but I felt much better. When the disease got bad again they upped me to one shot every week. After I had my daughter, I was taken off of it because I had a huge stricture in my terminal ileum.

Since then, I've tried Tysabri, and then Cimzia and neither of them helped. My doctor just ordered Humira for me again hoping it will do its magic again.

I'm just curious if anyone else has tried it a 2nd time and had good luck with it.


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Well as you know Amanda I am no use to you with this! BUT I hope you get positive responses and you have a fab outcome to round 2!


Dusty. :heart:
It's going alright! I took my first four loading doses Friday. Luckily and thankfully the vomiting has stopped!!

Still having a lot of diarrhea and stomach pain, not to mention the severe fatigue, but some of this may be due to the liver issues I'm having as well. So far I am feeling much better than I was 2 weeks ago :)


I hope this works for you! I'm curious to hear about your improvements with the second round. My GI once told me that if I need to he might try to get me on humira again since it worked well for the first few months. Anyway, positive experience are always good to hear!
Hope this works wonders for you again!
Thanks! :) I am feeling a bit better every day! No vomiting in a week. Still having lots of diarrhea, but that's kind of the norm for me.