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Humira , severe joint pain

So I had major resection surgery year half ago , and it's literally taken until 6 weeks ago to back onto Humira , aza just never worked for me before surgery and defiantly didn't now, I'm upto 7 weeks now, had the standard side effects , bad headaches, restlessness , insomnia etc but last 3 weeks ( had an injection in middle of this ) I've had literally the worst joint pain in my knee anyone could describe, it was getting to the point I couldn't walk without being supported, fell down the stairs a couple times where my knee locked , constantly in tears at night where it was throbbing so much, couple days ago started getting pain in the other knee 😬 But then randomly slept for 13 hours ( probably most I've slept in a month) and the pain from knees had completely gone except from feeling weak and it's now in in my elbows wrists and lower back ... anyone had anything similar to this? Really staring to worry me if it's a side effect of the Humira , or if it's just another side effect of CD I used to get a touch of joint pain before when I was on steroids, CD wise I'm waiting for Humira to kick in properly to see if it's gonna work for me this time , have an appoint with my Consultant in 8 weeks
Thanks in advance