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Humira side effects

Hello fellow sufferers,

Has anyone had any rosacea/dermatitis like skin issues? I never suffered from any of these symptoms before I started taking biologics. I have been having some odd red marks on my face and arms and wondering if its the Humira? I also appear to have local infections like boils and sores quite often, I get rid of one and another appears a few days later. I have been taking Humira for about 14 months and before that I was on Infliximab. I have stopped taking Humira for now (on IBD nurse's advice). Any advice would be most welcome. Many thanks.
Yep, I got really bad scalp dermatitis when I started Humira. Kind of like psoriasis of the scalp.

From what I have read, skin reactions are actually not that uncommon. I mean, the skin is one primary way in which the body detoxifies itself.

If it is the Humira causing it, now that you have stopped, it should hopefully clear up.

Best wishes!
I happen to have a patch of dry flaky skin on my hairline so that will be dermatitis then! I hope that clears off with the Humira detox too :) thanks for your help and best wishes to you X

my little penguin

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Crohns has extra intestinal manifestations these include psoriasis and other skin issues
Biologics can unmask these issues - not cause them
Once unmasked they tend to stick around in a lot of cases even when the med is stopped since the new disease is different

that said some biologics cause drug eruption rashes since the body is fighting off the biologic
This happened to Ds on remicade (skin blisters ,rashes dermatitis , scalp rashes ,rosacea like rash etc..) stopped remicade after an allergic reaction and skin issues disappeared.
He was started on humira
No rashes with it .
he stayed on humira for over 5 years