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Hi All,

New here. I'm 44 male and about to start being treated with humira for Crohns and I've just come across internet stuff that tells me people with COPD have higher rates of lung cancer and lymphoma when being treated with tnf blockers like humira and that it may extend to heavy smokers as well?

I dont have a diagnosis of copd but I have been smoking two packs a day for YEARS (more than 10 I think), and have had symptoms consistent with copd.

Questions: is the risk the same with the other biologics as well? Does anyone have data on how much higher the chances are for getting these cancers? Any comments welcome, thanks


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Hi HalGee
Welcome to the forum I think first of all don't look at the internet it can really start to scare you.
I would make an appointment at your GP to test for COPD which will involve a Spirometery Test which you have to blow in a machine it measures
your lung function it will show if it is COPD or Asthma that is what i have.
The GP will then decided what treatment you need.
When you next see your Gastro team you will have to take your medication list they can then decide what Crohns treatment will be better to try.
All meds have side effects it is a case of trial and error which one will have the disired effect.
Hope this helps good luck