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Humira & sun exposure (easy to sun burn with white bumps)

Hi, I took my Humira loading dose about 10 days ago. This weekend I sat out a bit to try to get a little sun so as to increase my vitamin D levels. I was shocked when I noticed the sunburn I got as a result of my short sunbathing, sunburn with white bumps. I know how much sun I got, and it wasn't a huge amount; the sunburn is obviously abnormal. I didn't find much on the web about this except a couple people on web sites who had reported the same thing. Anyone have any specifics about whether this is something to be particularly concerned about as opposed to just deciding to avoid the sun in the future? Anyone have any resources talking about this topic? I've heard that Imuran can cause photosensitivity, but did not know that Humira did as well.

I'd like to read up on how this sun sensitivity works, how exactly it's caused via Humira, etc, if anyone has any info or links, thanks!
I don't have any links but my son is on Remicade and the GI said to limit sun exposure, wear sunscreen and he is to get a yearly check up with Dermotologist for skin cancers. We weren't offered the option of Humira but I do remember his instructions also applied to Humira. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Correction: Yearly checkups for skin cancers sounds so ominous but he did say it was extremely rare and keeping kids his age adequately sun-screened or limiting sun exposure is so difficult so just get checked to be safe. He in no way implied it was a common occurance, also he knows we live on a lake and spend most summers on the water.
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Developed a facial rash-red bumps and itching-after 2 months on Humira and mild sun exposure. Try a prescrip ointment called Protopic-it works like crazy.