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Humira Swollen Glands?? Opinions?

OK, I'm going on week 3 of swollen glands in my throat. They started to act up after my Humira injection on 8/25. I had a slight fever and felt very tired.

I called my GI doc and he thought there was nothing to be concerned about, probably a bug and advised me to see my GP.

I went to the GP and he Rx'd Amoxicillan, no real change but got somewhat better, slowly over the last two weeks.

I called the Humira hotline and spoke to a nurse. She did'nt offer any suggestions other than get rest and drink plenty of fluids.

Yesterday, Thursday, a day after my injection, it was the best it has felt, 99.9% gone.

Today, two days after another Humira injection, it's coming back.

I gotta think this is some how related to the H.

This would be my first "reaction" to the H since starting it 4 months ago, and it's working soo well.

Anyone out there have a similar experience?? Thanks.
Hi Mike, I had a sore throat in late June. July went to Dr- sore throat still hanging on and he gave me antibiotic. It was better, but came back.
For the last few weeks, been fighting throat issues. No fever but feels like lump in my throat, very dry, heartburn, food tastes bad.
I am being tested for Thrush. Dr very sure I have it. Common with Immumo-Suppressed People.
My tongue is white, mouth sore, esophogus sore.
Just wanted to let you know! Watch for those symptoms.
Glad to help!
Do a search here about Thrush. I did..... brought up some interesting threads.
You should get tested for it... it can progess down in our digestive tract. I know mine has......UGGG!!!
I have had thrus with a couple of time in ten last six months. It is no picnic. I was on remicade and kept getting sick. Everytime I took antibiotics I got thrush. Painful. Icky. Food tasted awful. Etc.. Etc..
I've been gargling with salt water, taking Acidophulis and yogurt and it has REALLY helped. I see my doc tomorrow and will let him know of the thrush.


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Glad to see you getting some relief and help from others, I too get it alot. I just avoid sugar as much as possible, drink water and get back to my probiotics. Can go thru your whole system and can cause havoc on the Crohns... hugs to ya!
Well I saw the doc yesterday. It was not swollen glands nor a reaction to the Humira.

He said he did not see any thrush. But both myself and my wife can clearly see white raised areas on the back of the tongue.

I insisted on getting a script for a lozenges for the thrush. He agreed and said there would be no negative side effect. I'll start sucking away today and see if this helps. The gargling with salt water really did help.

Moral of the story..............if you feel a lump (hairball) in your throat and you are on immunosuppresants it's probably thrush.

Thanks for all you help and good wishes.
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So glad you got it figured out. It's a veer miserable condition. After taking the oral thrush medication the doctor prescribed nystatini was looking around on the Internet trying to find some good preventive steps I could take to see if I could keep it from coming back and came across a homeopathic spray called yeastrol. After researching the ingredience there I ordered it from amazon. It's a spray it under your tounge a couple of times a day and that's it. I haven't had any more problem.

I hope you get relief from the lozenges. Fungus and yeast overgrowth is not good for us. When thrush gets in your throat it's super painful mine was literally covering my entire inside of my mouth and throat.

Feel better,