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Humira to Entyvio

75 yrs old---want to change from Humira to Entyvio. What have been your experiences doing this. Is it recommended? Will I end up unable to take either?

my little penguin

Staff member
When you stop a biologic for any reason
The odds are your body will build antibodies and not be able to take the biologic at a later time
So if you stop humira and you may not be able to restart it later
Ds stopped humira for 6 weeks due to surgery
Tried to restart it and it did not work
He had to try something else
In his case he switched to Stelara which took 8 months to work

realize entyvio takes on average 8-12 months to start working if it’s going to work
So bridge therapy of steriods typically is needed until it kicks in
Thanks, actually I had to stop Humira after 4 months due to a cancer scare. It was restarted and ultimately I had to increase dosage to weekly to achieve effectivness. My concern has come since reading a couple studies showing that Entyvio is better tolerated in the elderly with less side effects. I don't want to find that for whatever reason I can't tolerate Entyvio and then be left hanging with little choices.