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Humira to Stelara

Lynda Lynda

When transitioning from Humira to Stelara, what is the normal procedure ?

Does a person give themselves their weekly Humira Injection, then the next week get their Stelara infusion ?

My prescription says :
Stelara 130mg/26mL solution.
Infuse 3 vials due to patient weight of >55kg to 85kg.
( Is 3 vials the same as 3 syringes ? )

My prescription says :
Stelara 90mg/mL syringe, inject 1 subcutaneously every 8 weeks.

I am still taking the Humira weekly until I can find patient assistance funding for the Stelara.


Your gi docs will help you manage the switchover.
The front loading initial dose of stelera is done in clinic, and then you will do home injection as per the docs schedule.
The gi clinic will give you guidance on the correct protocol on timing.

My wife and I had a travelling nurse do the first the first home injection, as we had significant anxiety over the proccess
... turns out my wife can do a least as good a job as they can :)

Changing the course of treatment was a bit ... daunting ... and like you, I had billions of questions,
...so I reached out to the manufacturer for more information
The Jannsen group was awesome!
I strongly recommend you contact them stelera specific questions, they have some really good nurses available thru their phone system

The cost of this medication is staggering
I just about had a heart attack when I heard my copay was going to be!

I contacted Jannsen directly, and they worked some magic with my insurance company, and then covered much of the remainder, leaving me with a very manageable copay. I hope they can do the same for you!

I hope everything works out for you and you get the relief that I have on this medication!

my little penguin

Staff member
Ds was on humira every 5 days when he switched
To Stelara
It was just whatever date they could get or Stelara infusion (done in clinic ) that was at least 7 days out
May have been two weeks out since that is the normal time frame of humira
He got the infusion dose
Then Stelara dose 8 weeks after the infusion dose by prefilled syringe at home