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Humira Users Please comment!

Hey there everyone!

My names charlotte i am about to go on humira. I have been doing some research and am very interested to know how the drug has worked for you (apart from where to inject it or how much it hurts).
My crohns has been a bitch lately and i have it in severel places...
I have comples crohns in the anus (Fistulas going bloody everywhere) And Also mild crohns in the large intestine and also have it very bad in the terminal ileum ( with a new fistula developing in my small intestine) Sigh. And i think i am getting it in my oesophogas ... As i am finding it hard to swallow and keep coughing until i puke :S. Anyway I would love to know how its going for you!!
And how long it took to get into remission... Any side effects, etc. I am fine with needles so that really isn't my worry a little pain to get rid of a lot of pain = Fine by me!!! :D

Anyway its not for sure i am getting this (I had to do a diary and shit not sure if u have to take it in US but u have to be approved to take it in New Zealand) ... Apparently u have to do at least 17 poos a day and it doesnt really matter how much pain your in! (Dunno how i could do 17 poos a day when i am eating like half a meal at MOST a day... ah well lol)

Anyways thanks alot and have a nice day!!


My Butt Hurts

Hi Lotte, welcome to the forum. I was on Humira for 4 1/2 months and it worked VERY well until it started wearing off. It kicked in on day 6 for me, so right away almost.
If you use the search option here, you will find many more stories about other people who have used Humira.
Here is my Humira Log if you are interested in reading it. It also touches upon my fears of possible side effects, which some members helped calm.


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The link above is great. Good job MBH

I was on Humira for a short time. It didn't seem to work for me, but I think it had more to do with how far gone my bowels were. I gave myself the injections in the belly area because it was easier to grab a chunk of fat. It stings, but its tolerable.

Some weeks the pharmacy would have the auto loaded syringes and sometimes they didn't. Both ways are pretty easy. I didn't notice any side effects.

Welcome to forum and good luck with the Humira.
Welcome to the forum fellow New Zealander! I hope the Humira works for you. I know we have different funding here than in US and you may have been lucky to get it!!! What else have you tried and where in the country are you??

Sharon :Flower:
Hello Again! Sorry I forgot to say all the details! I am from Wellington nz and am currently taking Fluoxitine, glutamine, magnesium, LDN, ciprofloxacin, metronidazole, and lansoprazole. I have had crohns for 7 years and I am 20 years old. I used to live in a very small town of about 250 and about 8 people I know I have crohns from there, so i am sure there must be some sort of factor that Brings it on there.... Very odd. Anyway I used to take pentasa and azathioprone but my crohns broke thru that then I went in methotrexate which worked well at the start but then started getting bad. Anyway I stopped taking it in April after seeing a rather nasty Gastroenteroligist who said it was my weight that was making me sick (yes I am a large girl with crohns why is that so hard to beleive!?! - I still lose wight it's just harder to notice lol:) ). I found a half decent dr up here now anyway Anyway are you also from nnew Zealand? Thanks for replying! Lotte:poo:
Hi again Lottie,

Sounds like you have been through the mill! And tried a lot of different treatments.

I was interested to see that you say you are taking LDN? I'm new to all this and when I mentioned it to my gastro he basically laughed at me as it is still under trial in the US, though seems a lot of people are using it and getting benefits. How did you go about getting it here in NZ?

Anyway, I am from dunedin and was diagnosed in July so all still sinking in. I think it's not that bad and then I have an 'episode' this evening which may indicate otherwise!

Hope the Humira sorts you out - I can't help with info as have only had prednisone and metranidazole so far.

Sharon :Flower:
Hey there. My aunt has a really good doctor in Auckland who keeps up with all kinds of medication that is new and possibly controversial. I have had crohns bad the whole time I have been taking it but I definatly noticed it was alot worse when I forgot my ldn for a week . If you are interested I can talk to him about you on my next visit to Auckland in a few days! I'm sure he may be able to reccomend some doctors down in Dunedin or chch that could help out with the ldn. Also I know my parents bought some ldn over the Internet whn they first heard. I was also taking a medication called kinex which is a pain med for arthritis and crohns. Anyway here is my email if u would like to contact me more about the LDN or the drs. Lotteburkhart@hotmail.com . A lot of doctors are very very narrow minded... If u don't mind spending the money on a trip I would highly reccomend going and seeing dr William ferguson in auckland. Bit pricy tho I no. I hope to hear from u soon Sharon !!!!