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Humira Was working, now its not

I was diagnosed January 2017, resection in June, started Humira at the end of September. I have gained about 30 pounds and everything was going great. I have not had a solid bowel movement(Just D) in the last two weeks. I do not really have any other symptoms except for slight nausea right before I go to the bathroom. No pain. Could it be that Humira is not working for me anymore? I am getting blood work done tomorrow and I do have a doctor's appointment next week. I just wanted to hear what other may have to say. IBD is so complicated and different for everyone. Thanks for hearing me out.
I was on the same situation and the doctor increased the frequency to every week from 2 times a month. A couple of months later it was not working again. Had the blood test to detect antibodies and I had them. So tried Entyvio for 7 infusions and did not work at all. Was on Remicade for two years, then it stopped working, the doctor doubled the dose. After a couple of months later was not working again.

Moral of the story: once you develop antibodies it does not matter how you increase the dose, eventually it will stop working.

Now I have been six months on Stelara and it is working.