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Humira when sick with a cold?

I am being really paranoid, I know, but I have a terrible cold/sinus infection and I am scheduled to inject tonight. I am sure it's fine to do while sick, but I just need someone to reassure me that it is in fack ok. Is it ok or should I check with my doctor? As always, thanks!

Are you running a temperature? I've injected when I had a minor virus without trouble. If in doubt I check my temp and perhaps delay by a day to see if it's on the way down/etc. If it's high then you should contact you GI/nurse for advice.
I fully indorse the advice offered by Beth.

I had convinced my self that I was getting colds all the time, but stuffy nose, headache and sinus pains are listed as common side effects when on Humira.

Hope you are feeling better soon.



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New York, USA
I got my remiocade swhile battling 'something' that left me with no voice (bs-d my way to getting it!).....

If I was running a temp over 100 I wouldn't - but if it just a nasty cold I'd still do it.
Thank you all. No fever so I went ahead and did it.

Interesting on the side effects - maybe I don't have a cold after all.?.?