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Humira with no results

I started taking Humira in February. I haven't seen any results. If anything, they are worse. Even more, I haven't been this fatigued in my entire life. I am physically exhausted everyday. I had just stopped a five week prednisone taper then as well but was put back on it a couple of weeks ago. I am also on Flagyl. I should also say that I don't have a thyroid so that could also be part of this. Does anyone else have fatigue in regards to taking the Humira or do you guys think its just not working and my Crohn's is getting worse?
Concerning the fatigue, have you had any blood work done lately? I think with Humira it takes some people six months for it to work.
I had bloodwork done before I started the Humira in February but not since then. I don't have another appointment with my GI doc until the beginning of May so I left a message with his office yesterday. I was just wondering if this type of fatigue is normal with Humira or maybe it's the combination of it with my other meds.