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They tried to get me on humira but im afraid to try it after reading some peoples posts on it on some forums. Also it just recently been approved for crohns so im hisitant to try it. Ive been on remicade and imuran together and both didnt work. With Humira Ive heard of hair loss for the first 6 months, aggitation, and fatigue. I already have issues with fatigue and usually end of falling asleep when im sitting doing nothing. This really isnt good when im at work lol. Can anyone help me and tell me what there results were when trying to medication?

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I was on Humira and I had absolutely no side effects. Remicade I was highly allergic, and imuran the same, that being said, that proves to me that everyones reactions and side effects differ from person to person. Some people find that if Remicade didnt work the other biologics didnt work either but that is not to say it wont work for you. Since I have had many years of symtoms, I am not afraid of needles, I chose the syringes , others used the pen.. What works for you make not work for someone else. Give it a try.


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Hello, I was on Humira briefly, as it did not work for me. I had no side effects. I'm sorry your not feeling good. I would give it a "shot".:) Good luck.
Heya, never know if it really worked for me because I was on a high dose of steroids at the same time so it could've been that making me feel better. I didn't suffer too much from fatigue or hair loss but one thing I still suffer with is really bad pains in my legs, like coming from the joints and bones, and only had them on 2 occasions they last for a while, man they suck!
Like Jettalady said though can differ from person to person, I've never been one to shy away from trying the drugs cus of the side affects and just deal with them if it happens, if it has the chance of making me better I'm taking it!lol

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Hi Angeleye-
I was on Humira and it worked amazingly well for me. I had no side effects from it at all, but it quit working after 4 1/2 months.
You have to remember that everyone's symptoms and side effects are completely different. I never had hair loss or fatigue from it. I don't usually have bad side effects from most meds, but they usually end up quitting on me. I have been on Remicade now for 1 year and am doing very well on it so far.
You'll never know unlesss you try it - it might be just what you need!
Good luck with your decision.
Just started Humira 1 mo. ago. No hair loss or any other dise effects but it isn't helping either still having flair ups.
I was also on Humira for a short time and it was not for me either. Some do well on it and some don't I guess. But there are possible side effects for anything that you take, but thats just my opinion.
Hi I am currently on Humira and have had no side effects I have been on it for over a year and a half now, I think. Humira has helped me alot. Everyone reacts differently to meds but with Crohns alot of it is trial and error so good luck.
I was on Humira for over a year (almost 2 I think). I never had any bad side effects but it never put me in a remission state. I believe my dose was too low, I was part of a study and in the study they used different dosing. They were about to up my dose, but I ended up being disqualified from the study because of a flare up that put me on Prednisone.
Thanks, ill give it a shot, it will probably take a good month or two, usually two just to get an appointment. Ill let you all know how it goes, guess ill have to do all those annoying tests required for it also. lol