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Hunger pains

Dose anyone else get really bad stomach pains when they are hungry?

Not like like normal hunger pains but quite bad ones?

As soon as I eat they went away.

I'm new to crohns and this forum


I haven't had that experience, my stomach feels best when it doesn't have anything traveling through. It's funny how we all have the same illness but all respond so differently. I guess the lesson is to just do what feels right for you and if that's eating more often than so be it.
It is strange how everyone is so different. I always feel hungry but as soon as I have that first bite of food I get pain I don't understand why at all.


Kayleigh I'm the same way. It's because chewing releases enzymes and alerts the body to prepare for digestion. So even though food isn't there yet, the body is working.

"When you chew, chemicals are released to let the rest of your digestive system know that food is coming. This allows your body to start the necessary flow for optimal digestion throughout the digestive tract. The longer you keep that food in your mouth and break it down with your teeth, the easier it will be to digest, and the longer the G.I tract has to get ready for the rest of the digestive and absorption process."

With active Crohn's disease I could easily go days without eating and not even care, but now that I have an ostomy and can eat again, I also get HUNGRY and have a great appetite.
Nexium seems to help when it get the burning feeling. I also have had a Hiatal (sp) hernia stretched twice. Both times it helped reduce the burning sensation. It may be time for an endoscopy just to see what's going on, I was reluctant...but glad my GI talked me into it.

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Having a pretty empty stomach and intestines can cause large gas bubbles to form. I often get pretty bad pain when I need to eat because of this. However, then I get pain from the actual food...sometimes you just can't win. But maybe try to eat a few little snacks in between meals if you can, even just a few crackers. That should help prevent gas pains. And also, when you do have really bad pain, try gently rubbing your tummy. It helps to break up the gas into smaller bubbles that you can pass
I am the same Jag23. I get pain in the stomach when I have an empty stomach/really hungry but then get more pain if I eat too much or the wrong food. It seems if I go too long without eating I seem to get pain regardless of what I eat. Small, frequent meals are the key

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I get nausea, fatigue and generally just don't feel good if I wait too long to eat. The pain is usually if I'm having a really bad flare or sometimes after eating a big meal.
Yes I also get pains when I'm hungry! Then I eat, feel better....then get pains from eating! I try to drink a lot of water which seems to stop some of the pains, but the water has to be lukewarm as cold water gives me pains too. Another weird one.....when I drink a lot of water, when I need a wee......this gives me really bad pains too. Does anybody else find this? Or is it just me? But yes I think snacking throughout the day is the best idea, then you can kind of reach a happy medium.
I'm having to snack through the day now where before I didn't.
I find that when I wake up I have breakfast first rather than doing other things first.

@ day tripper

I don't have the weeing problem but I don't drink things out of the fridge now, I thought it was a particular drink (j20 orange) that I had a problem with and now I think it's cos it was so cold.