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Hurts to press on abdomen

When u guys flare, does it hurt for u to press on your abdomen? Just curious cuz I have a really sore and tender to the touch area below my naval. I get this sneaky feeling that it may be an abscess forming or something. It never really hurt to press on my stomach during a flare before. Also, am getting pain in my right hip and back area.

The first abscess I had put so much pain in my lower right back. Finally got to where I could barley walk. They ended up having to go in and cut that one out. Drain didn't work.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. Just weird cuz I have been on Pred the past month and just had my second Remi dose today actually. Thought I would be improving, but the opposite seems to be creeping up on me.
Yes it does hurt for me to press in a flare. Wierdly I can press where I think it hurts and its fine, but pressing lower down really hurts. I haven't had an abcess before, my pain was just the inflammation and ulcers.
:bigwave: tpd,

Yes, it does hurt when I'm in a flare, but not all the time. About 1-2 hours after eating it starts. I think that is when to food get to my stricture, which is in my terminal ileum. Hope this helps, remember everyone is different with this rotten disease.



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I have tender spots in my abdomen - and am NOT in a flare.....there are many things it could be, from something as serious as an abcess to scar tissue.....if it worries you, you should at least make a call to the Dr and see what they have to say....
I have a tender spot as well. It always hurts if pressed on hard, like my 2 yr old climbing on me. It hurts with a light touch when flaring. I believe mine is inflammation.
Yes I was tender just below my naval and towards the right lower quadrant and then when I had the abscess it was very tender with the lightest touch below my naval, right and left side. The abcsess has gone now and it's only tender if I push hard on my naval and lower right side (left side fine).


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If I'm in a flare I am unable to sleep in any position but on my back, it just hurts if I try to lay on my side. Even if I'm not in a flare, I can only lay on my sides for a little bit.
Yes, extremely painful. When I was in the hospital it seemed that every other hour a doctor of some sort was coming in and asking questions and then listening to my lungs...this was followed by a kneading of my stomach ...followed by extreme pain....and yeah its tender to touch during a flare...and I can only lie on my back as well.
Yes absolutely painful to touch during a flare, but tender all the time!! Im finding lately I cant lay on my side because it hurts so bad, feels like my intestines are being crushed or falling into my side..... hope you feel better soon!
Yes and no, for me. If I'm having/just had pain or a bowel movement, it will usually hurt or at least be tender. Other than that it's just slight tenderness which isn't too bothersome.
Well, if it doesn't clear up in couple of days, I'll call the doc I suppose. She is just hesitant to schedule CT scans because I have had so many this past year. Too much radiation she says. But how else is their to find out if you do actually have an abscess. I want that thing gone sooner than later if I do. It is only going to get bigger if left alone. My last one was unbearable. I had to be carried into the ER.
My abdomen is normally tender, but is increasingly so during a flare. I find that I absolutely cannot lie flat on my back, it is too painful. I find I curl up in the fetal position or on my tummy with butt in the air makes me feel much better. My husband always knows I'm not feeling well when he finds me with my butt in the air.
Get your mind out of the gutter, the thought hadn't even occurred to me. I've been having so many issues lately with my CD, between the abdominal pains and the perianal fistula, my husband might be feeling the same way seeing me that way. He's been great though. I miss being intimate, but frankly, it has been the furthest thing on my mind.
So it hurts to even touch my skin around my stomach. I'm not really sure why it hurts like that, but if someone can talk to me and let me know something to do for that.
I've been having problems since 2003, it all started with pancreatic problems. Then all of a sudden it was IBS and then mild Crohn's and now moderate to severe. I'm familiar with prednisone and the other steroids. I don't want to be steroid dependant and I'm willing to have the surgery to remove the worst part of the intestines, I heard that puts people in remission.