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Has anyone taken Hyoscyamine? My doc didn't tell me she prescribed it for me and I just now found out when I picked up my other medication.
Anything I should know?
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Hyoscyamine is an anti-spasmodic amongst other stuff to help calm the gut some. The wiki page I linked to has some side effects listed. I took it for a short while, didn't so anything for, or against me.


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I took it years ago...hey, maybe that's how I ended up with my third child.(He was a surprise)...Anyway, it helped with cramping, but I still had the diarrhea.
Is it meant to be taken for a short period of time or can you take it longer?
My prescription says to take it four times a day for ten days.


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I think I still have some old expired ones...Ha...I was to take it as needed every 6 hours....So, no more than 4 times a day. Maybe your doctor wants you to have a constant amount in your system to see if it will help??
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I've had that happen...But with my kids doctor's. End up with a cough medicine and an antibiotic when I only expected an antibiotic. Our clinic sends everything via computer. No more paper scripts. Maybe she added yours an after thought???
Hey KC - I *think* that may be what you need for the tenesmus (Carrie - does that sound right?). Did you share with your doctor your constant feeling of needing to go but can't? That may help with that problem, or at least may reduce it a bit.
We'll see how it goes. I've only taken one pill so far. Don't know how long it takes to start working but I am feeling really jittery and still feel like I need to take a big crap. I have tried and tried all day but my bowels are just playing tricks on me!
I've taken it, it's been moderately helpful. The one time I thanked my lucky stars for it was when I'd been up all night with non-stop D which some Immodium finally kicked, but my stomach was still *gurglegurglegurgle*. I took some hyoscyamine and it settled it right down. But like people said, it might soothe some of the rumblings and maybe some of the pain, but probably won't stop the D. Sometimes it makes me a little drowsy.

Now, my dad tried taking it and it not only didn't work for him, but it gave him some side effects that freaked him out at first. He woke up one morning after being on it a few days and said to my mom in a panic, "I can't see!" His vision was blurred so badly he couldn't read or find his way around. It cleared up very quickly after he stopped the drug, but since he didn't know it was a side effect, it freaked him out at first.

So be aware, dizziness and blurred vision can happen with it, but I still think it's worth trying. Let us know!
I think it's working! For the first time in ever my back doesn't hurt!!!!
I feel normal! I've had a couple twinges here and there but overall I feel great. :) Woot!
Interesting, I wonder how it compares to Bentyl or even Lomotil.

I've had the surprise meds before, but it was an error, it was one I wasn't yet to have refilled, I refused it because it was $75 and I had more left still. Then they said maybe it was on auto refill but I never did that. I dunno...

Good to hear it's helping some.
I found out that the brand name of this stuff is Levsin. I think it's pretty much worthless now. Oh well, I got two good days out of it.
Hi i took Levsin for a while and it definately calmed the spasms but i prefer Lomotil cuz it reduces the Diarrhea completely. I can actually eat a salad when i take the Lomotil. i hope one of them works for you.
I was put on a drug once for cramping. I had to put it under my tongue as needed. Can't remember the name but I do know what it was for. They prescribe it to women for menstral cramping.
Now ever since I've taken it I've been moody, I yell at my wife and I have the urge to buy tampons. Go figure!
I have a friend who has been taking hycosamine for many years, and she says its the only thing that works for her. It was the first drug I was prescribed. I read the possible side effects and freaked. Took it anyway. I blamed it for an embarrasing incident in a restaurant where I lost my balance and crashed into a stack of glassware. (I had not been drinking btw.) I'm not sure the drug caused it but, since it was not helping anyway, I quit taking it.
Hyoscamine was the only thing that has seems to help me somewhat thus far, but everytime I take something like this, it seems to work for a day or two and the 'D' comes back with a vengeance.
The only side effect I get from taking it is this terrible extreme thirst. I need to constantly be drinking something or else my mouth with probably shrink up and disintegrate.
My wife used to take Hyoscyamine for IBS. It is the sublingual kind. We tried to refill the scrip and found out that they no longer make that kind. Luckily, I found a bottle stashed in a drawer so we have close to 50 left. My gastro gave my Hyomax as a replacement for the sublingual kind of hyoscyamine. It is not sublingual and I am supposed to take it twice daily. I've only taken it a couple of times and haven't really noticed any help. Maybe I should give it another shot.

I have used bentyl while on vacation and without any pain meds. It did help then.
I took hyoscyamine years ago (prescribed for my "IBS" then) and it did seem to help with the chronic diarrhea. Hope it works well for you! I don't remember any side effects.