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Lynda Lynda

What do you drink to stay hydrated ?
[ for example : if a person has a lot of diarrhea due to their IBD, they would have to make sure they don't get dehydrated. ]

I know that water is the logical answer, but what about Gatorade or drinks like that ?


my little penguin

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My kiddo was told pedialyte or Gatorade .
That said if he was have 10 or more bm a day considered excessive diarrhea his Gi would have him go to the ER for iv fluids and be admitted .

check with your Gi on protocols on when it’s too much , what to drink ,and when ER iv fluids are needed .


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I drink water at regular intervals and take a sip or two each time I wake up at night, which is several times. I also like juice, typically orange juice for breakfast, and sometimes a rum and orange juice in the evenings. Apple juice for lunch, but I stay away from pop due to the carbonation and sugar content.