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Hypoglycemia side effect of Sulfasalazine?

It's nothing new to me, but the last few days I noticed it happening quite often... The 26th of November I started taking Sulfasalazine 500mg, first week 2x1, second week 2x2 and now 3x2. Today was actually worse than I'm used to, it started with the usual anxiety and shaking but later also sweating, poor concentration, pulse up to 110 while doing nothing, lightheadedness and I almost passed out once... This got better with honey, but happened again a few times today. Does anyone recognize this? I'm really hoping that this is gonna help so I would hate to quit, and I'm not taking anything else right now.
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It's reported as a rare side-effect of 5-ASAs, yes.

You should book an appointment with your GI to maybe discuss taking something else, if possible. Either a different 5-ASA or maybe an immunosuppressant (Imuran/6mp) instead, depending on your case.
Thanks good to know. Past few days were better, I will just hope it's gonna stay this way. At least the joint pain is better than it has been for a long time. Maybe I'll get lucky.