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I am a celiac on a Crohn's forum Hi!

Hello all,

I don't have Crohn's, I have celiac disease instead. I joined because I thought there might be some questions about the gluten free diet that I could help answer. My younger brother had both Crohn's and celiac disease and passed many years ago. Since then I developed or discovered that I have celiac disease which explained an awful lot of things. I have been on the gluten free diet for a little over 4 years now. While that doesn't make me an expert on GF I least have a good story usually. :~)

I have some thyroid problems, mostly hypo due to a cyst and some nodes. That's ok I take pills for that. I have some nerve damage in my left arm (accident) which causes my typing to get out of whack quite often. Mostly I catch those and fix them but not always.

Anyway, I am not an expert on much of anything really, especially Crohn's. I still have trouble spelling it sometimes. But I hope to be able to contribute something positive along the way. If I get out of line please feel free to smack me upside the head and say '"stupid celiac, that doesn't work for us!" I won't mind at all.

Anyhow, glad to be here and nice to meet you all. I have lurked at this forum in the past years but never joined until now. I do feel we (celiacs and Crohnies) are somewhat brothers in arms as they say. We both fight the same kind of battle, just in different ways.

Oh, I am mid-50's 6 feet and 200 lbs, gray hair and I do make art for fun. Mostly encaustic paintings.

My cat is named Muffin and she is gray too.


Hello and thank you for joining us. Have you had a look at our diet and sups forum at all? If not pls do have a good nosy there as I think it will be here that your knowledge of diet will be very helpful. I agree that there is a fair few symtoms that we get are the same when things are not right and even some of the long term effects can be similar so I hope that you even get some helpful advice from here as well.

Thanks for the welcome Angrytweety, :)

Yes, I will take a look. I expect I will learn some things here. A different view point is always helpful to expand one's thinking. I don't think I am too old to learn a few new tricks anyway. We will see I guess. Woof woof! :ysmile: You all seem like a great bunch to get to know.


Naples, Florida
Hey there and welcome! That's really cool of you to join and offer your insight. It is greatly appreciated. I think there's a lot of people here with gluten sensitivity so your presence is no doubt going to be invaluable :)
Thanks for the welcome David! I don't know, but I think we can all learn something from each other. Although I can be a slow learner at time... :) I will see you around the forum then1 :)