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I am back...temporarily

Hello all, I was a former crohnie who was on here for many years. Those of you who know me as Penny. I just want to help anyone who is or know someone who is using the Natures Bounty softgel Calcium to please stop using it immediately. Especially if you are a IBD sufferer or anyone who is a senior. I had surgery in April of 2018, it was my 3rd surgery. After that time I wanted to get my vitamin D up as it was and has been low for many years. I finally got it up to a normal level after many years. Then I read that being on calcium helps as I am aging. Huge mistake. I have suffered pain and it was going on for approximately a year. Rarely any relief. I had blood work, fecal tests, CT scans and urinalysi. it was all normal, as the Entyvio, which is gut specific was helping. Then had a colonoscopy because the pain wouldn’t go away. The doc said the biopsy came back mild inflammation??? Then says he thought he saw something. Wasn’t sure if it was bile? He didn’t know. Then I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the hospital and had more work done, al normal and the ct scan showed “poop” in my bowels! I thought What?? So I looked on line for foods too help me , as diets are not one fit for all. I wanted to clear myself out. I saw the nature’s bounty pill, it’s big and I opened it up. It was gooey and waxy with a oily film!!!! I can’t possibly digest that! I called my husband and he came up to the house and I showed him. We both couldn’t get the gooey mess of our hands and used Dawn liquid soap, twice! Omg this stupid pill was building up in my gut for a year! Causing pain! The doc in the hospital told me to take miralax to clean myself out. So I have now and also started CBD spray and last night was my first night no pain! The goo was stuff to the toilet bowl! However I am still experiencing pain in the morning. Eating oatmeal has helped also. The gooey stuff must of been keeping the poop stuck in my intestine. Every day I get better. Sorry to be long but this stuff should be taken off the market. Please consult your doctor if you have been on that calcium product. let me know if anyone is on it!

Take care hope everyone is well!