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I am falling off the SCD wagon... again.

I started SCD over a month ago. I realized I was introducing the foods too fast and didn't know what was making me sick, so I started over. Today was day 15. I did great most of the day (ruled out pears today and cooked some yummy looking garlic. Hooray flavor.)

I even got my daughter to go to bed tonight without having to sleep on her floor. All was going well and then I binged.

I don't know why I did it but after having a good food day and nice evening I sat down with a jar of dark chocolate peanut butter and a spoon. I ate at least half the container. What was I thinking? I'm going to be in the bathroom half the night now. I know I'll be eating bland foods until I stick to the diet long enough. So frustrated with my lack of willpower.

What do you all do when you're craving all the things you shouldn't have?
Try not to beat yourself up, we've all been there and cheated haha, sometimes I give in to my cravings, it's really difficult but like anything the more you practise will power the easier it gets. I know rice isn't SCD legal but iv recently been making and awesome recipe with rice and scd chicken broth, it's delicious, tastes like take out but so yum. I try eat scd/paleo with the exception of rice, iv always found rice to be really easy for me to digest and doesn't give me problems. Anyway, keep your chin up, tomorrow's a new day, a good way to stop cheating is to premake your food so when you're peckish you have something ready.
Thanks for the support. I was sick enough last night that I think I'm done with binging for awhile. And I made some grape gelatin and froze some bananas to make "ice cream." I should be set for my next sweet craving.
I am struggling with the same thing! I'll do so good for a while, then give in once, and then find it so hard to care about the minuscule amount of starches to prevent caking in spices, when I've already blown it big time. It is hard to get back into the swing of things.

Lately if I know I'm going to break the diet I try to keep it to items that aren't so loaded with carbs or bad stuff. Like, I will splurge on a sausage that may have a small amount of sugar in it, but isn't completely full of fillers. Or, I will have a gluten-free pastry, instead of a "regular" pastry. Not quite great, but not as awful, or so I hope!
Yes to gelatin and banana "ice cream!" A spoonful of coconut butter is good too for something rich and creamy. I've also heard that craving sweet can actually be a sign of needing protein.

I find movement helps work out the frustration element of cravings. Doing some jumping jacks or going for a walk can be calming.

I've also found that part of the struggle of SCD is finding ways to comfort and reward myself that aren't food. I think it's important to find other ways to be kind to yourself - paint your toenails? Take a bubble bath? Buy a pretty scarf or a book?

On a similar note, stress can have a negative effect on healing. So, being patient, and forgiving with yourself is good both physically and mentally.
Something else I found helpful (though sort of painful in its own way) while in the early stages of the diet was looking up SCD/Paleo food blogs online and recipes on Pinterest, planning all of the delicious things I would make once I added in more foods. This gave me incentive to stick with it.