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I am feeling so much better.... hope it lasts

Hello everybody,

I've been with you guys for a bout 2 weeks now and I feel much better. I was really down when I found you guys. It really does help to be around other people that feel the same way I feel.

I've been on pred for 10 days now and they are really making me better. My Diaherra is almost gone my stomach pains are gone. I did get a oproblem with my ankle last week that was really painful but other than that I am way better. It'S good for the moral.

Funny I was almost not eating a few weeks ago now I want to eat everything,. I am so hungry!!!

Just thought I would let you know that I am better and to elt everybody else know that sometimes it's really hard to live with CD but sometimes we do get better. I just hope it lasts.
Hi Moogie,
I'm so excited you feel better. I know how you feel, I went through those same feelings. The pred works wonders ! Sometimes when you begin to taper off the prednisone, symptoms begin to come back, so be ready for that if it happens. But for now, enjoy your new found energy and eating enjoyment!
I love to read this stuff! Wishing you continued success!

I am feeling better too. Weaning off Pred. I've got sideburns growing (I'm female)...so its time!!! Lets hope the Aza can do it's magic on its own!
Aww, it's so nice to hear about happy news, especially after such an awful weekend with my own symptoms!
@springirl, I laughed out loud at your sideburns comment, totally sympathise, after a week on IV steroids I was like a monkey, literally . . . . still, I'd been trying to grow my hair, works wonders for that!! :)