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I am healthy, take one day at a time.

I was diagnosed with UC at age 17. I was always able to "control" UC with meds but at age 40 my MD felt that after 3 years of 25+ polyps that I was at high risk for cancer. The cancer could be missed because my colon was pretty bad. I had a second opinion and he also believed it was time to have my colon removed. I had a j-pouch or ileoanal anastomosis. I go to the bathroom "normally" but did have an appliance for 3 months between removal of my colon and reconnection to the j-pouch. I continued to be sick, had blockages and a fistula so my dx was changed to Crohns. I always worked and went back for my MEd while working full-time. I was finally put on Remicade in 2009 and I am healthier than I have been since I was diagnosed. I never knew what being well felt like, because I was always a little sick and just thought that was something I had to live with. I have been through everything I think!:dance::dance:


Hello and welcome to the forum! It sounds like you've been through quite the adventure but I'm glad you seem to be coming out on top


Hi Marge, welcome to the forum!

That's quite a story! You've definitely been through a lot, haven't you? :( I'm so glad you're feeling better now! Success stories like yours are what keep us all going. :)
Hi Marge and welcome to the forum. This is an amazing place with so much information and support! I am so happy to hear you are feeling good now! It was a long time coming from the sound of it.