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I am so frustrated the GI doctor called today all the tests have come back fine

i am so frustrated the GI doctor called today all the tests have come back fine

i am so frustrated the GI doctor called today all the tests have come back fine even the scope tests he did came back fine and they dont know what is causeing my stomach pain and the chronic diarrhea,thowing up and my stomach is very bloated everytime i eat and its hurting worse then it was before my scope and been running a fever its been low grade like 99.7 to 100.6 almost 101 he wants to see me august 11 th to see what to do next

Crohn's Mom

Im sorry you don't have an answer yet, but how in the world did they get your biopsy results already ? If I remember correctly you had your upper endoscopy done the day after I did and I don't have mine back. It's only been a few days right ?

On another note...has anyone suggested a HIDA scan on your Gallbladder yet ?? Or have they completely ruled out any gb issues ? Your symptoms sound so very similar to mine when my gallbladder was bad, but I had to have the HIDA scan to show it as all other tests showed it was normal and fine, when it was actually only functioning at 14%.

I hope you feel better soon! Hang in there :)
i had my scope done on friday they may have meet everything looked ok when he did the scope i may have missunderstood what they said today but he said the blood work and the stool samples came back fine that may have been what they met by what they said but they have rules out gall stones in my gallbladder and its been really inflamed and they dont know why


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I think it's great that everything looks fine, but I do understand your frustration. There is something that is causing you to feel lousy and a lot of discomfort. I agree with Tracy when she mentioned looking into your gallbladder. Mine was functioning at 10%, and I felt pretty bad at that time. I am still concerned over the possibility that you might have gastritis. That can make a person very sensitive and sick to their stomach. From what I understand, the acid in the stomach is very caustic (it has to be to break down food), and if the stomach lining is irritated or inflamed, that acid starts to erode tissue. If this goes on long enough, you will have nausea, burning pain, vomiting, and eating will become a nightmare. Please ask your doctor about this. I hope that you receive the correct diagnosis and treatment for all your pain. I hope this starts you on the path to health and recovery.

Crohn's Mom

MHC you do not have to have gallstones for your gallbladder to be bad (i.e. inflamed and not functioning properly). That's where the HIDA scan comes in. It's worth a shot to ask your GI about it, but I'm guessing they have not mentioned this because, if I remember correctly, you don't have insurance ?

edit: now that I think about it...it wasn't even my GI who ordered it; it was my surgeon who did because I was referred there for possible appendicitis.
I am confused..I thought your scope results showed erosions and and stuff per your other thread and that he put you on omeprazole. Maybe he just was talking about the stool samples or bloodwork coming back normal. Hopefully your biopsies will show something conclusive, but if he's treating you with meds then he saw something that needed treatment.

Are you taking the omeprazole yet?
no not yet I am confused to mayflower because what i heard today from the GI doctor they said the stool samples are showing i have a very inlfamed colon and the scope results showed my stomach is very inflamed to in many places in my stomach and more down to my colon to i am getting the omeprazole filled thurday
Sounds like they got their wires crossed. You should request a copy of all of your test results. I have twice received messed up messages relaying test results - one was simply an incomplete message, and one was absolutely wrong! I probably sound really anal about that b/c I say it a lot around here, but things can get confused over the phone/email or whatever.
i had my gallbladder out spring of 2010.. i had a 10mm pollup in my gallbladder.. was having all these symptoms and they were hoping that removing it would solve my problems.. over a year later, no gallbladder, but same symptoms only worse!!

hope you get some answers soon!


Was it just an upper scope, or an upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy? It does sound like they have their wires crossed though. I hope he helps you get on a path to feel better soon!


Oh and I forgot, have you checked to make sure it isnt you endo causing it? I have been told in the past that it can spread to the outside of your instestines, causing GI symptoms.