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I can’t cope with this.

Just venting here.
I’ve been diagnosed with Crohn’s for 6 years. I’ve had two resections and I am pretty sure after 2 years since my last surgery and removing my ileocecal valve, that I am stuck with diarrhea for the rest of my life. Not just diarrhea, but burning fire shit-water all day long, every single day the moment after I eat. Lomotil doesn’t help, miralax doesn’t help, Imodium doesn’t help, Metamucil doesn’t help, and it does not matter what I eat. And my dr won’t prescribe questran because “it’s a cholesterol medication” and won’t even address the possibility that I am having bile malabsorption (which it is). I’m so tired of pooping. It never ends. I don’t want to eat anymore. I am a solo mom to an eleven year old who has no contact with his father. I quit my job to go back to school but depression and anxiety over this life is ruining me and taking away my sons only parent. I wanted to be married. Who in their right fucking mind would pick to spend their life with someone who shits 20x/day? I’m going to be alone forever and my son will never have a family besides his sick, tired mother. I don’t want this life.
Some times you need help from the outside. have you looked into a support group that has meetings you could attend? some hospitals have such meetings. For Crohn's or other longterm conditions? Sometimes there are meeting for family of the person who has a longterm condition- somewhere your son could meet other kids like him to vent and meet people loke himself. You need somewhere to vent and get support. Single mothers group? possibly a therapist? A friend or family member might be a place to turn. Remember not matter how bad your condition is- you need to be strong for 2- yourself and your son.
I hope you feel better soon. I also am a single Mom- I have had Crohns for almost 30 years now- my son is almost 34 now. Thankfully my family was supportive. Look for help= there is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Everyone needs help sometimes. Check Hospitals, ask at your doctors office if they can direct you to a support group. Ask the school counselor- they may have a direction to help- helping you- helps your child. Google Crohn's support and your town/city.
Remember as lame as it sounds - Things DO GET BETTER !
Get a different doctor. It is ridiculous that your doctor will not prescribe questran. I also had my ileocecal valve removed and have my Crohn’s well under control but without that valve you simply cannot have much bowel control without the medication. If you are flared, even that won’t help much but if not it works quite well.

Its not an unusual medication for the lack of the ileocecal valve. Its actually the only one that works that I know of. I didn’t even ask for it. The doctor prescribed it right off after surgery.

You do not necessarily have to use the recommended dose either although don’t use more than recommended. I use one packet a day because thats all I need. The instructions say to use one packet twice a day.

I don’t like the fact that it blocks cholesterol but you can minimize that by using no more than needed.

My volunteer job is driving and much of the time long distance driving. I can do that without any problems because of the medication. If I am at home all day, I don’t use it.

Good luck.