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I can't beleive I am eating this!!

Ok, I have been struggling to get my ferrritin up for about 18 months. I had surgery in Sept 2009 and my Hb went down to 89. I couldn't convince the obgyn to give me a blood transfusion - he said its not that low, we don't transfuse until below 80, blood borne pathogen risks etc. I am a Lab Tech so I knew exactly what I was asking for. So for about 9 months I struggled with Iron deficiency Anemia - which I have mananged to eliminate.

But my ferritin is still very low and I am learning that low ferritin can also screw up Thyroid Hormone function. My TSH is over 4 right now - which is not good for me as I usually am best under 1.

I can't eat red meat very often as it bothers me, I am eating a lot of spinach. Iron supplements bother me, I did find a plant based one but it does give me heartburn.

So guess what I am now eating to try and get my feritin up - BABY PABLUM!!! Its easy to digest, is chock full of iron, and I just add it into my Oatmeal.

I can't beleive I have resorted to baby food!! I did get the idea from here as someone mentioned that they ate pureed baby food during a flare - so then I remembered pablum. I am hoping that this will finally get my ferritin to move up to normal.
Can't eat it!! I used to love it as a kid then I studied biology at Nait and realized what it really did. We also had to cut up a human liver as part of our studies. Human liver and cow liver look exactly the same!! So after that I just can't eat it !!

But oooh liver and onions was soooo goood!
When the GI put me on a low fat/low residue diet, he told me the closest I could get to eating fruits and veggies was baby food or V-8 juice. I've been there.
Don't think of baby food of being that bad. At least the food is easy to eat and it can still be tasty. I secretly eat baby food once in a while :O


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That's so SMART!!!!! Fingers crossed it works for you, and remind me to do same the next time my iron's low, ok? :)