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:( I cheated...what do I do now?!

My sister is here visiting for 2 weeks. Aside from a very small bite of a fried Greek cheese in a restaurant, I have made sure to order chicken and veggies for stages 1 and 2 when we eat out. HOWEVER, tonite we had a party for our mom getting thru her Breast cancer treatments so far and this is what I had:

1/2 slice of buttercream cake/frosting and some scraps(Fondant!)
Some tortilla chips with salsa and cheese
3 bites of a pizza
Some m&ms

This was after my SCD meal of chicken and mushrooms :( I feel ok...but do I have to go back to intro??

Never again!
In the words of Homer (simpson, not the greek dude)

"Don't keep beating yourself up about it,
Just beat yourself up once and move on....."

Go back to where you were and carry on.
Thank you, Hugh :)
Though I'm wondering if I've repopulated with bacteria and ruined the healing process..but forget it, I like your answer better! lol
Maybe if you noticed a worsening of symptoms you might want to go back to the intro.
Remember the intro and stages have two main functions. One is to allow some healing to take place and the other is to identify foods that may be legal but do not work for you.
I recommend you find a couple of scd treats and don't let the other food in the house
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