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I don 't eat meat, I'm a veggie, are you ?

Hello, we're a week away from Christmas and I will be spending it alone with my cats. What a cliche. It's a Covid year so I'm not alone. The TV programming in the UK is all about food and beef, pork, lamb, duck and turkey are cooked, served and eaten to everyone's delight. I cringe at the suffering it comes from. Death on a plate, often factory farmed and don't mention foi gras or battery eggs. I'm the only veggie in my family who love meat. After a life time of meat eating, my animal footprint is huge. I envy veggies from birth. They will lead healthier lives and live free of chronic diseases. The damage is done in my case but my health forms ask, "how much do you drink?", " have you ever smoked ?". Never a question about "How much meat do you eat a week ?". That's my moan for Christmas.
hey there! Veggie since middle school and I've been vegan for a while now. I completely understand where you are coming from, but I am lucky enough to have an immediate family who is mostly vegetarian with me :) That's a very insightful point about how vegetables are healthy. But don't forget, they don't have a mind that's discerning and appreciative enough to admire you the way you admire them - you have a beautiful mind and being in yourself. I also agree about asking people to describe how much meat they eat... my opinion is that living animals are no health foods. I hope you had a happy Christmas and are enjoying the new year. Stay healthy!