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I don't know if these symptoms are from prednisone and remicad

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with UC at the end of august and was put on 60 mg of prednisone, then 30 mg, was still going to the bathroom a lot and then put back up to 60. My GI then started me on remicade and because of that my flare has calmed down so my doctor decided to taper me off the steroids. About every week and a half- 2 weeks he's been tapering me off and I'm now about to start 5 mg and should be completely off by thanksgiving. I also just had my 3rd treatment of remicade. The problem is I've been having such bad symptoms that I don't know if they are caused by the prednisone, remicade or a combo of the two. I have bad muscle weakness/aches in my arms( have had this since I started tapering down), sore throat but no coughing or coughing up mucus, my neck glands hurt, sometimes I get headaches but not a lot. I also sometimes feel like I have tightness in my chest and my heart hurts. I have seen my general practitioner and GI and they have both said they think all of this is due to the prednisone and me tapering. I'm just scared because I haven't heard of a lot of people having these kind of symptoms while being on prednisone or tapering off of it and being on remicade as well. If anyone has any advice on this, or something else this could be please let me know