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I feel like heartbreak has physically caused a crohn's flare up

Is this possible? A few days after experiencing this I started feeling physically weak and having flare up symptoms. My mind and body is heavy. 🥺😢 I lost the love of my life and now I'm having awful flare ups.

It’s never deterministic; I can relate from a personal standpoint.
At the same year I ended a very long relationship and fell in love all over, thing that I wouldn‘t imagine...
Few month later - problems not stopping.... struggling, terrified, the whole deal
Was it too much excitement for me ? Too much stress ? Possibly...
Thing is, now it doesn’t matter. As frustrating as it is, the solution is the same and it is getting
back into balance.

My best advice would be

1) do your best to balance mentally, and go to your GI soon.
Get control over it. Don’t let it stay ! Your health is the *most* important thing.
If you react fast, maybe you can save yourself trouble.

2) I know how painful a breakup can be; now It’s time to take all this love you
have in your heart (which obviously you have or else the breakup wouldn’t hurt
so much) and try to direct it to yourself.
Stay strong !! You will have love in your life again !!
But first, time to recover

Wish you all the best

Lady Organic

Staff member
I'm sorry to hear you are going through this. Yes, a break up can be a very stressful event that could trigger a flare up. Every time I have a flare, my GI asks me if I have been under a stress. GIs know a big stress can trigger a flare or even a first flare.

A couple of days seems quite fast for a remission (if you were in remission) to turn into a flare though. Thats my only hesitation or questionning.
Stress can also cause GI issues in healthy people and also to us when we are in remission, so IBD unrelated. Stomach and colon can be very reactive under stress. Some people constipate, others have overt and strong diarrhea. So there's also a good chance you are having stress related GI symptoms, unrelated to IBD. Its a possibility which I hope for you.

Try to relax as much as you can, get help from professionals to help you go through this break up if that could help, talk to friends. Breathing and relaxation exercise on youtube can be good too to ease your abdominal region.
So yes, keep a eye on this and dont hesitate to contact GI if symptoms persist.
All the best to you 🌷
Stress and other extreme emotional states can contribute to flares. I'm really sorry to hear what happened. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to let going through the grieving cycle drag you down to the point that it affects your health.

You need to find a way to re-channel the sadness, depression, and anger into something else. If you have any hobbies or any interests you've always wanted to pursue, now would be a good time to explore them. Talk with your family and friends. Maybe take a weekend trip somewhere.

If the symptoms continue or if you have new or worsening depression or anxiety, call your doctor.

Good luck and hope things start to turn around.