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I feel like the hospital is duping me

Hello people,

I recently got the results of my rectal MRI, and they said they found no fistula. Despite the fact that I clearly had a perianal abscess, and have walked with a draining hole for months with recurring mini abscesses/infection.

The place of the supposed fistula isn't doing anything besides that it had odd sensations. What I find odd is that they haven't used contrast while I assume this is neccesary. It's existence was/is very real, and there is something in it where it has been, so I can simply feel it.

I just feel like I'm being duped. They are so sure while I can clearly feel something isn't right, my GP has seen it herself and was also pretty sure it's a fistula as it has existed for more than an half year.

What I wonder is why they didn't just look inside the rectum immediately? Why first order an MRI, and then probably refuse to do additional diagnostic measurements? It should have been the other way around.

The hospital I go has big problems with money. Maybe this is their way to dupe me. Even more so , when I got a blood test it was done by a trainee, which isn't even legal here in Holland.

Maybe I am paranoid, or something else, but I suspect something fishy is going on there. All I can do for now is call my doctor for the pieces of blood in stool I've been experiencing.