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I feel silly but I need advice

Hi Guys
I know this probably is going to sound like a really stupid question but I have just received an appointment for this Friday for a hematology review, I've never had one before and my IBD nurse can't say why this has come up now or who ordered it but just to go along and see.
My questions - is this a standard test, what can I expect? Do I have to fast before hand? Should I be asking them to conduct any other tests while I'm there and check any levels you guys feel would help.
I have CD 25 years and have never even heard of this :ybatty:.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. oh and sorry I didn't know what section to post this in.
Thanks Gwen


Staff member
New York, USA
Are you starting any new medications that you need to be screened for ahead of time? I forget where you live - but maybe it is just blood testing?
GI gave me a prescription for Mezavant, I was on Asacolon since feb (not the first time on Asacolon) but even though my inflammation markers are good my BM's are not back to normal and he felt maybe a different delivery on meds might do the trick, so don't think it's the meds.
They have never sent me for this before, well not to my knowledge, I was dx at 11 so they may have run this test before and not told me. I'm just a little concerned that they didn't mention it when I was in for my visit end of Aug.
I have struggled with iron def anemia but the results at last visit were good for me but he felt they were a little on the low side.
I'm in Ireland.
Gwen xxx