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I get annoyed easy

I k ow they say to surround yourself with people you love and that. But for the life of me I don't understand why people at the dinner table or family gatherings annoy me then i get angry and do stupid shit and people laugh at me lime a dick do others get this way i know i should control it better i remove myself from the table and that but still have a hard time with tbis
I can not stand stupidity. I do not care if it's my coworkers, my family, my g/f, or my g/f's family.
I have gotten to the point that I have openly tape recorded my family and made them listen to it the next day.
I'm to the point that I just walk away if it gets to bad.
I found that once I was open about not wanting to be around stupid and they know i will just leave it has gotten better. I even park to where they can not block me in and I have a way out even if I have to park down the street. I also drive my self and don't ride with them so i'm not trapped. If someone wants to ride with me I tell them when I'm ready to go they get a 2 minute notice to get in the car or they will be left to find there own ride.