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I got my PhD today

I’ve had Crohn’s since a teenage (though undiagnosed for quite some time). I had a horrible time getting a diagnosis and severe Crohn’s that required emergency surgery to treat a perforation 10 years ago.

I’m 32 soon and today I passed my viva and have been awarded my PhD! I now work full-time in medical communications for a large pharmaceutical company and there are a few of us with Crohn’s! I’m due to get married in a few months (covid permitting) and I own my own home with my fiancé. Getting a diagnosis and treatment has enabled me to obtain my dreams :)
Thanks for starting this thread and posting this most excellent news!

Getting a diagnosis and treatment has enabled me to obtain my dreams :)

... After reading your signature, I think your hard work, spirit had a "little" to do with your success ;)



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Thanks for sharing and congratulations! My kiddo is hoping to do a PhD after college - I will tell her your story!
Wow!! What a fantastic achievement for you. Congratulations and well done. Us parents need to hear more stories like yours.
Thank you for sharing and good luck for your future. X