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I have lot of extraintestinal manifestation but they can’t find Crohn

I have lot of extraintestinal manifestation but they can’t find Crohn


I’ve made a post of my story and it’s still happening. They’ve ran every test to check whether I have IBD and everything came back negative, yet I have very serious intestinal issues even deemed exceptional for IBS.

Recently I’ve started having extra intestinal symptoms that look like IBD or at least immune : a not yet diagnosed hepatitis, psoriasis, episcleritis, arthritis, hiddradenitis suppurativa, asthma, anemia, erythema nodosum, several string like mouth ulcers...

They’re finding me a lot of diseases but the thing I suffer the most from is my gastrointestinal issues yet they seem unable of diagnosing it. It’s apparently IBS, but rarely an IBS has been found to be associated with the other diseases, to be 24/24 365 days a year, to be associated with Cdiff and to now cause specks of blood in the stools and fever, and 10+ BM a day unresponsive to anti-diarrheal. Moreover doctor did a trial and twice the symptoms have disappeared after prolonged corticosteroids treatment,

Doctors don’t want to run anymore tests on me but after reading on the web, I’m getting always more certain it’s IBD or another autoimmune condition of the bowel.

I need help.