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I have some Holister wafer's left over.

Jim (POPS)

Jim (Pops)
Antioch, Ca
I had a ilyostomy for 9 months and then had it reversed. I have 12 box's (5 per box) of cut to fit Holister wafers # 15602 that I would like to give to someone that is having a hard time with the cost of them.
You must be in the USA and having a hard time with the cost of your supplys. I will also pay the shipping for someone that needs them. Please PM me.


you can also donate them to your GI surgeon as I'm sure he sees many patients who have no insurance and can't afford them. Also, try the Visiting Nurses (if you have them where you live), they see poor patients as well.

The ostomy support group I belong to we donate them to our members who need them first, then I go through my list: Visiting RNs Association, my GI surgeon, the hospital I volunteer at..I'll give them to the wound care RN to give to her patients, etc.

I'll give the donations a good month sitting at my home so if any members want them, they can have them, then I'll give the first batch to the VNA. Then the next batch, again it goes to our new members, then who's #2 on the list. This way we are giving back to the community.

At the end of our meeting year, which is June, whatever is left over, depending on how much gets divided equally and then I'll drop it off or give it to my BFF's church which goes to Haiti to assist in rebuilding the clinics down there. One year I donated over $2,000 in ostomy products alone along with medical supplies: scissors, gauze, tape, wound packing, etc.
I'd definitely ask your GI, GI surgeon, Visiting RNs, or a local wound care RN that helped you with your stoma and see if they can use your unused products.

FYI: they will only take them if the boxes and plastic they come in are not ripped open. Everything has to be intact due to contamination regulations. I was told this by the wound care RN and my visiting RN.