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I have this red flake in my poop, is it blood? (Pic attached)

Hello everyone i'm new here, I have a pile and my doctor suspected i had a hemorrhoid 3-4 months ago. But recently i had a bit of tail bone pain and today i noticed a bright red flake that bends and leaves a bit of staining. of course i will get this checked out but what is it? it looks like blood on the surface of my poop, but when i inspect it, these flakes are there.. don't think i ate chili?

I don't feel tired, no abdominal pain i'm scared it could be cancer but the bright redness of it gives me some sense of relief. thank you everyone for reading :)


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I do not recognize what that is in your photo. Is this flake hard or soft ? All I can say is that it resembles a tomato skin ? A red bell pepper skin ? I would save the flake and show it to your Gastroenterologist. I would think a stool sample test would be neccessary to determine what is going on.
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Have you had tomatoes, food with tomatoes in it or possibly even red bell peppers? I've noticed that with my Crohn's, foods like that doesn't always digest all the way. Especially tomatoes if it has the skin on it. Green beans is the same way. But always let your Doctor know about your concerns like this.
Hi thank you for your replies! What a lovely community, i wasn't sure if the picture was too off-putting. But anyways today there were no red flakes and it was soft and flexible Lynda. I actually discovered a red flake of chilli in the sink where I had washed my mouth the previous night. Here's hoping its just that and nothing serious :) Hemorrhoids are a pain in the butt!
Just a quick update, I believe it was a chili flake from some asian food I had. After this incident I am fine, haemorrhoid giving me less trouble and poop is normal again. Thank you Crohns forum community for being so helpful i appreciate it!