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I have to try to laugh sometimes....(funny)

Ok so here is my funny..

Was babysitting at the last min to help a friend of a friend with a family emergency. The child is special needs and does not walk.

Ok so I end up clogging up the toilet in this very nice expensive home and since I am not very familiar with the family I have no idea how to call and tell them this news and I also can't find the stupid plunger.....

I have to carry the kid downstairs to basement to look for stupid plunger... he thinks its the funnies thing in the world and is laughing at me the whole time. After I find plunger, I go upstairs to discover that the potty is overflowing...

I had to clean this up, plunge the pot with the stupid hard to find plunger!! and carry him back downstairs to basement with me to put it back!

After it was all said and done I just cracked up laughing... why does this stuff happen!!! The family were really cool about the whole thing...

Makes me laugh now looking back at the whole event!