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I have UC, want to give a kidney

Heya, I'm 5 years in remission and I want to give a kidney but I'm not eligible to give a kidney because of 'chronic disease' UC.

Is this exclusion baseless? I don't really understand how this isn't a case-by-case situation, and I'd like help to be eligible for that kidney transplant.

Cross-stitch gal

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I've asked before and been told that I can't give blood or bone marrow either. I'm not sure if it's because of the medications we've been on or what exactly. Although, the blood part wouldn't work anyway because I'm too small. But, I can tell you that you're not alone!


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I required multiple blood infusions when I had major surgery for Chron's and when I inquired about donating blood after I recovered I was turned down due to Chron's and possibly by the meds. Another reason might be that they do not want donations from those who are in a weakened state by this disease.

Lady Organic

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Thats very generous of you, but not a good idea for your own health. Your system is in peace right now and you dont want to risk awaking the beast with an important surgery. Our kidneys filters a lot and also our medication. I think we need both of them for our journey with IBD, as you are still very young.