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I haven't farted in a year

So many stoma birthdays around here recently and today is my turn. It's been one year since I was pronounced the new owner of Sideshow Bob and a lovely new way of life. Cheers to all of us!! :ghug:
Happy birthday, Sideshow Bob. :birthday2:

Come Easter (I'm not sure of the actual date but I was in hospital over Easter) it'll be 13 for me.
Dirty Harry will be 1 next month and I've been farting and pooping out the rear end for 10 months no wonder I feel cheated!
Misty-Eyed... I still feel like it sometimes and it freaks me out. I start running for the toilet and then remember that nothing is going to come out. Ha!


Well, I have a confession, and a question. Once in very great once in a while, I actually DO fart out of me bum. Of course this amazes me, and worries me at the same time! Just a little poot mind you, nothing to compare to Grahame my partners window rattlers.

I must say, it's most...satisfying! However, it makes me wonder if it isn't a wee fistula or something. Let's hope not. Perhaps me bum swallows air and has to belch, who knows??? :ybatty:
:bdayparty: Happy Birthday Sideshow Bob! LOL--sometimes I get the cold sweats too thinkin that I have to "shart" AND then I remember---Oh yeah my bum's closed for business! :ylol2: Snap


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Happy birthday Sideshow Bob!

As for farts - yes I have the occasional small one - I presume the bacteria in the colon can still produce gas?????? But only guessing. Or maybe when the bag is full of gas some slips down the little opening to the lower half ??????
I'm so jealous.
I can't fart.
I had a scope the other week - the gas they pumped in exited in a fart like manner.
But it kinda lacked authenticity.
I was still thrilled by it though.
My stoma farted the other day and my five year old put down his ninja turtle, walked over and gave me a high five.
I was so proud :stinks:
I can't anymore, but do pass stuff from bum sometimes - which is weird - cos when I have a look (sorry), it looks like bits of intestine or something - it's really weird. I often feel quite sorry that I can't anymore, and sometimes actually miss going to the loo :O, or rather the normality of it I spose.