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I hope this is ok....

So here I am after years and years of suffering. Well my name is Jessica. I'm 28 and have had stomach pain starting around 10 years ago. It seems to have gotten progressively worse. First it was just certain harsher foods that left me hunched over in pain. Than over the years there was more blood more pain, the pain has seemed to spread in my stomach/intestines?. I can't take advil, aspirin, tylenol, any of that without crying in the bathroom. It seems I am always disturbing and embarassingly running to the bathroom multiple times a day hoping for a regular normal bowel movement but alas that never seems to be the issue.

Now, I just can't afford to go to the doctor, and have been gritting and bearing all this. I don't know if my pain threshold has gone up from this, but it must have. Now I have a pain everyday whether it just hurts or feels swollen or thrashed up. Than every few days I am throwing up (because the pain has gotten so bad) and in tears over the blood and the pain.

It's just not stomach issues anymore, I had to go to the ER because I was getting dizzy passing out and losing conscience., I was having severe headaches. After tests the doctors said I was severely dehydrated from my irregular bowel movements. My body just wasn't holding water anymore. I was ordered to go see a GI specialist and undergo a colonoscopy. I haven't yet but hope to in the next few months (I know I know I need to, and I will.) The Dr. said he is worried about the bleeding and my stomach issues are starting to scare him.

Now I don't know if this is all related or not, but I have started about two years ago having real bad knee pains, which have gotten worse. My shoulders, back and neck ache all the time anymore. My other joints feel stiff. My sister thinks it from my body not getting the propers vitamins from my GI tract.

Its sad that I can drop 40 lbs in 2 mos, and that seems normal to me anymore? I hate it, I hate this, and I feel bad even griping about it anymore. I feel guilty I mean I am the one who postponed going to the Dr. all these years.
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It interferes with my life to the point I hate even cooking dinner (and I use to love cooking), I don't want to get out of bed anymore, I hurt all the time. But I do, and I bite my tongue, try to take it easy, meanwhile I feel like my life is crumbling around me. Maybe I just need to rant a little bit, because this has gotten so stressful I find myself crying when no body is around. I would really like to hear from someone who has gone through this.
So you have bathroom issues, bleeding, significant weight loss and joint pain? And you haven't seen a GI? I would make that a priority. Those are all classic symptoms of Crohn's. The longer you let it go, the worse it will get. You don't want to end up in emergency surgery to remove your colon. Get your butt in to see a GI! Do you not have insurance?
Think of it as the sooner you go to see a doc and get the tests done, the sooner you are on your way to recovery and feeling better.


Hi Jessica :hug: You really do need to get to see someone asap. If you cannot afford a GI (no insurance?) then is there perhaps someone you can apply to to get help with this or perhaps a free clinic? Can anyone at the hospital advise on this? Not sure how things work over there.... The joint pain can totally be related to active crohns and your sister is correct, there is no way that your body can be absorbing any vitamins/nutrients based on your symptoms. Really am sorry that you are having such a hard time with this, please let us know how you get on.
I have been trying to get in to see a Dr, No I don't have insurance not yet. We are hoping here soon. I do have the referral for a family doctor and also one for a GI specialist. I'm trying guys.


:hang: hun, will keep fingers crossed that this can be sorted quickly for you. Is there anyone you can bug about the referral and the progress of it?
Yeah I have made several rounds of calls. It's not the referral that the issue it's the actual cost of the GI and the tests. *sigh* It will be ok tho, I know it will work itself out. Thanks for the support.


I love you God.
I would just go to the emergency and make them do a colonoscopy that night or day whichever. I remember my gi put mine off for 2 yrs and thought I was so young that It couldnt be that bad and I handle pain very good. I can really fake it but deep down I had bite marks all over my toungue for the pain I was going through so much inside and the embarrasement of it.
Until one day my blood levels went to I think 6. They kept me and gave me tons of transfusions and medications. Finally my doc came to seem me and was like hmm your levels are still badd it wont get better?? Well I guess we will do a colonoscopy. Well he did. I remember waking up and him saying carmela hun we have to talk and asked to be with me the whole time until I went to my room. He sat on my bed and had tears in HIS eyes and held my hand. I knew I was in trouble and he said I really didnt think it was that bad but it's worse than I thought ( I already knew it was that bad because I went through hell EVERYDAY just only if he believed me and put me on proper medication) he said the only way out of this is surgery. TRust me you dont want it to get to that point. I wish I made them do more when I had my colon..But?? can't change the past I can only inform others ;) hehe