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I just can't finish the prep!

I really hope I am "cleaned out" enough!
I am prepping for a colonoscopy, and finished one pack of pico salax earlier this morning. I felt nauseous, crampy, chilled all day. I pooped a lot too!
But I am suppose to take the 2nd pack of it, but only kept 4 sips of it down before I was gagging and gagging (did not vomit) I just can't do it!!!
I am 92lbs right now, not sure if i makes any difference but why would i have to do the same prep as someone double my size? I am just looking for any excuse to NOT do it! I am worried I won't be clean enough to do the test, in which case I would curl up in a ball, cry like a baby, and probably never get it done! I am high on gravel right now too... Any advice on having a "clean" bowel? lol, sounds so gross!
How much longer do you have to finish it? I'd recommend a break, then take a deep breath, shut your eyes, and sip as much as you can at a time. Can you mix it with another drink to try and make more palateable? Have you got any drinking straws?

You need to be running clear every time before you can safely stop. I was running clear 2 out of 3 times for my prep, so decided to have half the last lot, and glad I did since a whole load more really brown stuff came out.

As you say, no way do you want to go through the prep only to be told you can't have the test as the visual is poor, so do try, I know it's hard but keep that scenario in mind to get you through the rest of the prep :soledance:
Yeah, I agree you don't want to skimp on it if you can help, you want the doctor to be able to see what he is doing...
I wouldn't stress over it. Once I only drank a third of the prep as it was too painful and I felt really sick. After the scope the report said I was 'well prepared'.
take it easy.


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What matters is if you're running clear or not. If what you're putting in your mouth looks like what's coming out, chances are you're ok and can stop. Sure if you can help it then you can try to keep going but if you're running clear, its not necessary to keep drinking it. This isn't coming from me this is coming from every GI I've ever had (same thing was said before my resection as well).