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I just want to PASS

Sorry for yet again another exam related post, but they're the biggest things in my life right now...... and I'm so scared I won't pass and all I want to do is pass, finish uni and qualify and start my job in august!

So scared these exams havent gone well.................... All i can do is hope now and try my best on the last exam tomorrow..... it's a scary one tomorrow too, all examinations and clinical skills....... lots of skills....... to be done in a v specific way to pass :-S ARGH!!!!!!
I am sure you will do great! Try not to stress over it too much and remember that you best test in the same state as you learned.

Good luck!
Thanks guys, last one this afternoon, crohn's really playing up again but gonna just have to brave it! Darn this stupid disease!!!
omg... its exam time for me too... and unfortunately exams have come up at the same time as a bunch of new symptoms and flare ups... GREAT.
how are you coping now?
how did the last exam go?
Thanks for your support guys, my name is NOT on the resit list, which means that I've PASSED!!!! I'm a doctor....... and it really hasnt sunk in!!!

Lol thanks guys!! It has indeed been one heck of a rollercoaster, all the way thru from med school applications till the end, it's been a very bumpy ride! But I made it!! :)
:congratualtions: So well deserved. Isn't it great when all the hard work pays off? Wishing you a long and successful career.
Don't party too hard :ylol:
And xx