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I know what triggered my IBD

After a 6 month long infection in asia I immediately developed IBS which then became IBD.
I think it messed my mucosa up so much.
And it is now so weak my immune system is attacking bacteria and food.

Wtf I think Crohns is just at umbrella term for a set of symptoms and findings that presents in the same way.

So it is not that complicated.

I think some amoebas can trigger UC.
And NSAIDS and SSRI and all kind of shit can really mess up intestines and start the whole roller coaster.
It also maybe not so simple either. I've read read hundreds of studies past 8 years and it is theoretically possible for it to be started by a gi infection as bad bacteria out compete good bacteria and could permanently eradicate them. Fecal microbiota transplants transfer good bacteria from one person into another person and one patient seems to be cured, read more in the link below.

But many other factors come into play, like diet: high sugar/meat/fat and low fiber. As well as exposure to antibiotics, emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners,
low vitamin d: lack of sun exposure/ use of sunblocker, working the night shift, avoidance of foods low in vit d like dairy or fish.
For my daughter I think a combination of factors played a role - she was diagnosed with aeromonas. She loves bread and BBQ meat a lot and literally used to live on it. She has a weak immune system and had to take a lot of antibiotics when she was little. She never liked yogurt or probiotics and would bring it back uneaten from school.

I don't think it is genetics in her case as no one in my family or husband's has IBD. She has a twin who's fine. Difference between the two girls is the one without Crohn's loves yogurt and fresh fruits.

i wish it was as simple as diet or bacteria causing flare ups but I am not quite sure.
I trace mine to to a gi infection while traveling (and the many antibiotics I was put on to deal with it) as well.
Rebalancing bacteria through diet has helped a lot (along with meds)...But I wouldn't call my experience uncomplicated.