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I need a Gastoenterologist that understands the SCD diet or another low starch diet

Hello I am new here. My Rhumatologist believes I may have Crohns, and has told my GP to refer me to a Gastroenterologist

One reason why my Rhumatologist thinks this could be Crohns is because I have, by myself, eliminated 90% of the foods in my diet and found great relief fro the numerous problems I have been having with my gut and arthrtic pain

Anyway, the reason why I am posting this post is before I see my GP I am wondering if anybody here is using a low starch diet, like the SCD diet or another diet (I have recently found these low starch diets and found that the foods they allow are similar to the diet I am now on) I am wondering if there is anybody here living in the UK that has a Gastroenterologist that is aware that these diets exist and that they can help people with Crohns or other bowel disorders

Any help any of you can provide me with this will be extremely appreciated, I mean really appreciated

Love Joanne

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:welcome: to the forum. I cant help you with most of your questions but most doctors DO not familiarize themselves with certain diets. I went to a digestive disorder dietician and trust me , she knew more than the doctors knew. I have been on the gluten free and nightshade avoidance diet, didnt do much for me, food doesnt alway cause pain, it is the disease that does. I have milk intolerance and most others do too. There are a few here from the Uk, hopefully someone can direct you to get help. Hope you join us and glad you came aboard!
Welcome! Like Pen said few doctors think that diet have an effect on crohn's. Mine told me that all the info on the net is false and food has nothing to do with it, but way too many people including myself are feeling better as you are with restricted diets.
Good luck :)


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Hi Joanne,

Welcome to the forum!

I am with a gastro team at Addenbrookes in Cambridge. I see Dr Middleton but there are other good gastro consultants there too. They have a dietitian that specialises in Crohns as part of their overall team. Mine is called Jenny and she worked out a regime for me that ended up low fat, low fibre, azo dye, benzoate and cinnamon free along with gluten and dairy free AND high potassium as I seem to have low levels and end up with palpitations. I also have sero negative rheumatoid arthritis related to my crohn's, multiple skin probs etc etc and find when I stick to my regime I am much much better.

The website for addenbrookes ibd is www.crohns.org.uk, see what you make of it...

Welcome again. Keep posting.
Thank you

Thank you for your replies, they have been very helpful. I will look onto all that you have suggested and then get back to you and let you know how I get on

Love Joanne