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I need a new diet

hi my name is Eddie I am 18 and I was just diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a few months ago, and I have been stuck in a bad flare up since January.

one problem I am having is the diet change. I used to eat like a teenager, and obviously if I were to do that now I would probably end up back on the hospital. I miss the fatty and sugary foods.

buy the real issue is that I am stuck in a flare up that is apparently resistant to medications to this point, so ibam not really sure what makes my colitis worse. I tried keeping a food journal but I have a very small attention span and gave up on that within a week.

I have found that rice and basic meats are definitely ok for me, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on snack foods that both taste good and don't upset my uc any worse than it is. I'm not usually hungry for big meals, and therefore am looking for something small to eat on shorter intervals, but I also lime good tasting food. I know that getting out of the flare up is going to take sacrifices food wise, but if I'm going to be sick for a while I may as well enjoy some small aspects of it where I can.

thank you.
Hi Eddie, welcome and hope you start to feel better soon!

There are a lot of different opinions and options in regards to diet, and it is mostly trial and error as you probably already know, what works for some may not work for others. There are people here who have had success with Paleo, SCD, low residue and other diets that are detailed in the forum.

I understand how you feel wanting to find foods that both taste good and don't worsen your symptoms. As for snacks, when I am in a flare I would turn to plain baked pretzels, salmon on rice cakes, noodles and clear soups - it all depends on what you can tolerate and I know there would be a few who do not approve of these! When I am up to eating more fibrous foods I try to get in more fruit and veg but I know they are hard to tolerate in a flare. I also juice and make smoothies regularly, they taste really nice and have a lot of nutrients. I have tried to start a Paleo diet on a few occasions but I haven't been able to commit for more than a couple of weeks at a time. My aim now is to cut out sugar and greasy foods and eventually work my way up to cutting out processed food.

Good luck and let us know how you go!
A good snack food would be "Pure Protien Bars" they are made by "Prue Protein", I like the choc. ones.They also help my gain some lbs. I would have 2 to 3 a day.
I know what you mean about being in a flare and wanting to eat something that tastes good and doesn't bother you. IF you're not lactose intolerant, what about a vanilla milk shake? That's what I ate regularly for a treat and it didn't bother me at all. However, if you're lactose intolerant, you can buy lactose free ice cream and milk and make it with that. I did better on mostly liquids and very soft food when I was flaring... so I was happy to find that milkshakes were fine with me. Good luck! I hope you feel better soon. :rosette1:
As far as a food journal goes, maybe via phone you could just text what ever you eat at the moment to your email address and if you have leftovers you can always take a shortcut and hit forward.
I don't follow a specific diet, but I try to eat mostly unprocessed foods and have eliminated all of my trigger foods. I don't like the restrictiveness of specific diet plans though at one point I tried to become a vegetarian, It didn't work out so well, made everything worse, so I went back to doing what I was doing, but being more careful about the trigger foods.

I like Greek yogurt for a snack when flaring, the regular, full fat kind. Lots of protein and calories.
Hi All -- This is my first time posting.
I have been battling daily stomach pain since basically 2001. I was not actually diagnosed with Crohns until early this year. My naturopathic doctors helped me determine several of my trigger foods over the past 10 years with pretty good results. My pet peeve was that there never seemed to be a "comfort" food that I could turn to every time to feel better. It was like a constantly shifting puzzle. As commented above the "cleaner" I eat the better I feel. No processed food, eating at restaurants that can cook with my limitations etc.
My favorite breakfast is a protein shake made with Unsweetened Almond Milk with a scoop of Plant Fusion Protein Vanilla Flavored and a quick pancake I make. The pancake is a single serving that I eat plain -- right off the skillet.
A supper cool idea my husband had was to make business cards with my food sensitivities for when we go out to dinner. The waiters love them as they don't have to make "the list".
I was looking for other breakfast options. My avoid list includes the following; eggs, dairy, gluten, and soy. kj
As far as snack foods go, I love Wheat Thins (I get the reduced fat ones, just because I like the taste better). They seem to work very well with my system.

I can remember certain times in my life when all I ate was Wheat Thins and juice for days!
I survived my flare with flapjacks (oats are soluble fibre and good for energy) and bananas. I was sick to death of the things after a while, but they are easy and convenient and kept me going when I really didn't want to eat.
Another snack idea with food that was 'safe' for me during a flare:

Cut a banana lengthwise and in half. Spread peanut butter on one side, place the other half on top. Wrap in plastic wrap and put in freezer. These are delicious.
Another snack idea with food that was 'safe' for me during a flare:

Cut a banana lengthwise and in half. Spread peanut butter on one side, place the other half on top. Wrap in plastic wrap and put in freezer. These are delicious.
I am going to try this, thanks for the idea!
thanks for all the replies, I tried bananas and vanilla milkshakes and they both didn't seem to cause a problem and its nice to have something sweet every now and then. as far as wheat thins and pancakes all forms of wheat have seemed to make things worse for me, so anything with any wheat fiber or flour, so I'm avoid things of that nature :-/.
Another food that didn't bother me and felt like "comfort food" during a flare is macaroni and cheese. By the way, I switched to lactose-free milk - just in case I had become lactose intolerant, so this is worth trying since the lactose-free milk shouldn't bother you and lactose is a problem for many adults and can cause diarrhea.

Another idea, I bought "whey protein powder" and added ice cubes, lactose-free milk and a banana - this was my breakfast almost every morning during a flare, again, as more liquid type food seemed to be better and never had a problem with this and they taste good. I bought the chocolate flavored whey protein. :) Hope you're doing better.
Sarah: The high sugar in the banana didn't cause irritation? Maybe the protein on it offset the effect?
No, I have no irritation from banana's but I never really eat them alone. I either make the peanut better banana or put them in a protein drink. So you're probably right that the protein mixed with the banana offsets the high sugar content.