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I need a new mantra . . . .

I loved my mantra, it worked 'I will not let CD run my life . . . .' kinda feels futile now I'm in bed 5 minutes after getting home.
Those of you who've been around a while will maybes remember the fun of a year ago, the roids not working, the docs/comedians failing me, we're back there.

New mantras gratefully accepted . . . . I'm happy to share :)

I always feel like I've failed somehow when I'm in a flare, or when I have to go to bed during the weekend and I can hear my husband and my kids talking to each other, having fun in the living room. I always ask myself, "What is wrong with me? Why can't I get over this?" I recently read the book, The Pain Chronicles, and the author talks about changing your narrative and I'm trying to do that. Instead of asking myself "What is wrong with me?" I'm now saying, "Damn, I did a good job getting out of bed for that half an hour." or "Wow, I can't believe I was able to clean the house--that is awesome. I deserve the rest." Not sure if I'm buying it, yet, but I'm trying!
Yes, I very much agree. I feel like somehow I should be doing better. The fact that I'm 110% all of the time probably doesn't help, I don't take well to relaxing so get really angry when I'm stuck. Then I crack open the Neuro Linguistic Programming manual, that encourages me to think and try to reprogramme my thoughts . . . then I end up getting cross because I can't proactively do anything . . . . never ending spiral!!
It's hard to be happy and think you're doing well when you've just re-discovered 4am and thought stockpiling Andrex was a good idea . . . . On the plus side, iphone and wireless fun :)